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  Three chip digital cameras offer excellent color quality and low light capabilities that are advantages when bright lighting is not desired. The most important decision, if you are serious about getting a truly professional DVD, is to use more than one camera.
  Using two or more cameras has major advantages. For instance, if an inevitable obstruction or guest gets in the way, the second videographer can capture the moment. Extra points of view can only help to get the polished results you deserve during the editing process.
  More than two cameras are rarely needed. The art of wedding videography can be likened to getting colors on a palette; the editing process is the canvas. Editing can be as simple as removing unnecessary footage, but in the hands of a creative and talented editor your finished wedding video will be a memorable one and something to cherish.
  There is no substitute for good editing because it is not always what you shoot that counts but how you show it. Digital Editing involves getting digital video from one or more cameras into the computer (Capture & Encode).
  Then the real fun begins. Generally, 2 hours of editing is required per each attended hour. So an 8-hour schedule will take approximately 16 hours of editing, double that for two cameras.
  Many videographers just donít put that amount of time into it, but itís that extra time that makes all the difference.

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